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Fly-X Private Ltd., a reputable provider of UAV system solutions. Fly-X was founded in 2017 and is situated in the heart of the City of Uttar Pradesh state, Lucknow. With vide range and sustainable growth in field of UAV system solution, FLY-X is firm believer of brand value. FLY-X sustains and provides agricultural drone frames, systems for dispensing granules, power distribution control modules, and spraying systems, among others, and they may provide consumers specialised solutions. Our products are successfully sold across India. Our business is dedicated to offering users in the UAV sector professional solutions and developing a whole UAV product supply chain. Presently providing services, sales, after sale services, pilot deputation, agricultural spreading, Drone customization, Drone data acquisition (serve, thermal, multi spectral and post processing). We are engaged with Atal incubation Centre, Indian Army, CSJMU (Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaja University), CGC (Chandigarh group of colleges), Indian Tobacco Company (ITC), Rayat Bahara University, Mohali, and etc.

FLY-X is not only a provider of UAV solution, but is environmental concerned company, following the norms of “Clean India Green India” following the norms of protecting the rich heritage of India. The company provide our farmers and their crops protection from all sorts of issues by merger and scientific solutions of agricultural institutes through providing data for enhancing the nation vide expedition in this regard.


The main objective of the company is to enlarge the scope of technology. The modus operandi of the company is to share the technology all over the states of India, through distribution, sales, and knowledge assimilation. The FLY-X is committed to endure the excellence in the field of UAV Solutions with all modes and medium.


The FLY-X aims with mission of bringing India in top 10 manufacturer, producer, distributor of UAS across the globe. The company rates itself in advancing Drones for Crop Health Monitoring and Spraying, Geographical Data Acquisitions, Drone Logistics System, Swarming and ammunition Handling, in next 5 years.


The vision of FLY-X is not limited to providing UAV solution, but to be the first, to read, acquire and be part of India’s dream as the Internationally recognized company in terms of manufacturing, distributing and educating the world. The company aims in facilitating all sorts of knowledge in the coming years and making the company a TECHNO Giant within the ambit of technology and Aerospace.


FLY-X Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated in year 2017. Founded by a group of bright engineers and technocrats with similar ideologies, graduated from India's prestigious colleges and technical schools.

The Management Team has extensive experience in business, science, and technology. The team had time spent working for prestigious corporations across India.

UAS technology is the future of India. As an UAS equipment manufacturer, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to create drones with all features and sensors. We have been recognized by various educational institutes in terms of sharing the UAV solutions, its flaws and handling modules, alongwith its substitution and services.


Mr. Ashish Tiwari


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Shubham Yadav


Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Keshav Sharma


Product Development & Research Wing

Mr. T.S.Pandey


Legal & Compliance